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Himalaya Carpets Standard Terms & conditions

Moth Proofing

Our products are moth proofed and as such warrantied against moth infestation, based upon the following guidelines and maintenance.

Proper maintenance of the carpet should be undertaken including regular vacuuming and cleaning of all areas of the carpet, especially in areas that are difficult to reach such as corners, underneath and behind furniture. Areas that are not properly maintained are most at risk of developing any moth based issues. If you are a customer who is having a problem with carpet moths in relation to our products, please contact the retailer you purchased the carpet from.

If you are a retailer who has received relevant complaints surrounding this issue, please contact our Customer Services department for further advice. They may request photographic evidence of any issues that are taking place.

When it comes to moth based issues in relation to our products, we are able to offer a replacement or allowance against a replacement, subject to the time you have had the carpet installed (up to 10 years from installation). Please follow the above mentioned line of communication to rectify any issues.

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