About Us

About Us

Himalaya Carpets reflects the proud tradition of trade between East and West that flourished over overland routes known as the Silk Road. Today, we supply a wide range of high quality stylish carpets to meet the decorative needs of our UK, European, American and Australian clientele.

Himalaya Carpets UK provides local representation to the UK flooring industry and its clientele, that is supported by our office and logistics centre in Preston.

Himalaya Carpets UK is part of a large diverse organisation that spans the globe. The main strength of the organisation is the size and breadth of its fully vertically integrated businesses. These businesses include wool scouring facilities, spinning mills, carpet tufting and weaving, and sales and marketing operations of carpets. All of these combined to give the organisation complete control of its operation and its clients the benefits of superior quality and pricing, with sound sustainable practices.

Why Choose Himalaya Carpets UK

Himalaya carpets UK committed to use natural and pure materials sources. Our global position allows us to control all the aspects of the manufacturing process from the beginning to the end. Our products provide exceptional and luxury feels. Our passion is to create better looking homes with the most environmentally friendly materials. We offer UK customers high quality carpets with on-time delivery and friendly personal customer services.

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